Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

As the wedding season commences, we are yet again thrown into a state of anxiety and fear...
✅ To budget, yet needing a new dress for every wedding - god forbid anyone see that outfit appear twice in a row on your facebook feed!...
✅ To look amazing, yet not stick out too much you feel stupid (or upstage the bride!)...
✅ To look glam and stylish, yet wear something you can sit, eat and dance in... 

Plus the fear of accidentally wearing the same colour as the bridesmaids 😱  / wearing the same dress as the bride's great aunt 😱😱
Not to mention ensuring you are wearing something as instagrammable (with the obligatory glass of champs outside the venue) as Kim K's pout. 😰


BUT, DON'T PANIC! We've got you!

Here's our guide, featuring our best, affordable, chic and limited availability wedding outfits for all eventualities! 
Saving you time, money and stress so you can just get excited about the wedding and dance the night away feeling a million dollars!

You can thank us later! 😘


The Black Tie Wedding

The "Black Tie" Wedding is a strange beast, people immediately come up with an idea of floor length black dresses trimmed with diamonds and opera gloves. This, very rarely is actually what is being asked of you when in the context of a summer wedding. This simply means "Dressed up" more so than normal wedding attire... normally a cocktail dress or smart maxi dress will do. Floor length evening dresses can be a bit of a risk, as you may end up wearing a similar dress to the bridesmaids, or worse, upstaging them!

The Catrina Bardot Dress is a good place to start. In Navy blue, it is the summer's alternative to Black, it is both smart and dressy, glamorous and definitely the right amount of "black tie"

Wear it with this Cream Shawl for an effortlessly chic look that can give you as little or as much coverage as you feel comfortable as you enter the venue!


The Hot Summer's Day Wedding

One of my main fears at a wedding is being sat in a roasting hot marquee or in direct sunlight, forced to endure the ceremony whilst simultaneously crammed together, melting from the inside out.

This Angelica Wrap Tea Dress is the answer to our prayers. The light and floaty fabric allows plenty of air circulation, the wrap style means you can get a leg out when you're sat down if needs be and the cold shoulder, frill sleeves, give enough impression of a sensible sleeve, whilst have the freedom of a cami strap. The print also lends perfectly to a hot summers day. 

We recommend taking a fancy little fan with you as well for a stylish alternative to fanning your programme!


The Casual Wedding

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a casual wedding, I mean, why give up the opportunity to throw on a pretty frock for the special occasion?! But some people insist... So I recommend...

This stunning Clare Floral Frilled dress, only £39, is short enough to be deemed "casual" but still has a bit of flounce and flourish to make you feel like you've made a bit of an effort! Wear with white plimsoles and a denim jacket for a more dressed down look.


The Smart Casual Wedding

Eggghhh, I hate this term, it throws everyone into a state of panic, no matter which gender! It's an oxymoron in itself and it can mean anything! But here are how I would translate it...

This Jasmine Bardot Lace Dress is a really safe bet... it is smart, but the navy takes the edge off, rather than it being as smart as black and the lace lends to a bit more of casual look. The neckline also can be deemed as smart, with a touch of riské. I would recommend wearing this with a more casual coat, like a stone trench.

I love this Lily Floral Dress for a wedding, especially when you don't want to go for the cliché brightly coloured floral party dress. This is a tailored fit with a flared skirt that gives the nod to a classic girly style, but the print is more sophisticated in muted greys and black.

I wore this with a black leather jacket to a wedding and got loads of compliments! Plus its in the sale for only £29!!! You cant go wrong!


The Traditional Wedding

Weddings are so varied these days and traditional standards have slipped, meaning it's so hard to know what is appropriate to wear sometimes! But, hopefully you will have gained an understanding of the type of ceremony you will be attending, by the people getting married and possibly the invitation, also the church the ceremony is being held in can give a good indication. If you feel it is going to be a particularly traditional / religious affair, I would suggest the following...

This Claudette Lace Sleeve Dress is both a sensible length, covers the shoulders and arms and is a classic style. The lace sleeves add a touch of style, without being too racy so as to be frowned upon! The figure hugging style will make you feel a bit more sexy without pushing too many boundaries!

Another option for the church would be this gorgeously chic Tailored Cape Blazer

which is fab as not only does it keep you warm in a cold church, but gives you the option to take it off to reveal a slightly more "summer friendly" dress underneath! 😉


The Girly Summer Wedding outfit

As you can tell, I LOVE an excuse to get dolled up and where else can you get away with wearing bright colours, flowers, girly dresses and heels, all at once, than a summer wedding?!

This Roxanne Bardot Orchid print dress is my personal favourite, it's so versatile as the print makes quite a seriously glamorous dress, a bit more fun and "daytime-y". The stretch fabric makes it super comfortable to wear and the adjustable bardot folded neckline, means you can wear it as high or as low as you like, meaning it can be adjusted as the day goes on... and once the Champagne starts flowing! 🍾 It's also super feminine and just makes you feel a million dollars! 


Again this Charlotte Sweetheart Neckline dress is super sexy with the riské neckline and the figure hugging style, but is sweetened up with the pastel colour and longer length. Also available in pink


The Classic Versatile Dress

If you are looking for a dress that you can wear again to multiple occasions, something that is not too overly punchy, that can drift in and out of your news feed without too much noticeability, that lets you shine rather than a dress that wears you...look no further...

This Angela Frill Neck Dress is suitable for SO MANY occasions, think summer, think winter, think weddings, think races. And not only that, but its timeless silhouette will stand the test of time. The soft frill around the neckline creates a flattering style whilst providing ample coverage of the shoulders. The length sits just on the knee and the gathering to one side at the waist means it will hide any unforgiving lumps and bumps...meaning you can indulge during that 4 course lunch! 

It is also so versatile you can team it with a colour pop of accessories, add some diamonds for a supper glam look, wear a coat or a shawl to dress it up or down...the possibilities are endless! A steal at £55!


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